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Omega J8006 Nutrition CenterHi, my name is Gracie and I am pleased to introduce you to the best juicers one can find online. Because you have stopped at my site, it is obvious that you are looking to read some juicer reviews, and if so, you’re on the right page!

I’d like to take you into a world of top juicers that you will love and as a frequent user of juicers myself I’ve tried an awful lot of models to find the right one which turns out to be the Omega J8006 twin gear juicer!

My Personal Top 5

Listed below are the top 5 juicers with excellent features and functionalities, which have been ranked so after meticulous analysis and profound research from reliable sources. View one of these juicers at Amazon by clicking on any of the links below.

  1. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center
  2. Super Angel Deluxe Juicer
  3. Breville 800JEXL Fountain Juicer
  4. Cuisinart CJE-1000 juicer
  5. Hamilton Beach 67800H Juicer

The juice diet and cleansing health crazes aren’t going anywhere, and more and more people are resorting to making their own vegetable/fruit juices and morning smoothies to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thus the explosion of the juicer market we have seen in the past ten years. However, it can be quite intimidating when first selecting a juicer for your new liquid diet.

You need to consider

  • How well a particular model juices
  • What kind of features it comes with
  • What kind of design each juicer utilizes
  • How affordable any perspective juicer you’re interested in might be.

With that in mind, let’s review five of the most popular juicers on the marker while factoring in these considerations to see which one will save you the most money and which one is the best overall.

How Well They Juice

Omega J8007
The main factors you need to consider when judging the quality of juice these models can produce is how well a juicer can process various kinds of fruits and vegetables without requiring you to do any preliminary chopping or cutting of your own. This involves RPM speed, pulp extraction and pulp to juice ratios, and the kind of motor design it uses. The first juicer up for review, the Omega J8007 Nutrition Center, features an 80 RPM juicer with dual masticating extraction and continuously juices while extracting the pulp. It’s not as fast as higher speed juicers, and there is some small amounts of pulp if you don’t use the accompanying mesh strainer. Also, the food tube is small enough that you may have to cut larger fruits and vegetables up to fit them inside. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic, quality option for first-time juicer buyers

Hamilton Beach 67800H
The quality of juicing capability is the area where the Hamilton Beach 67800H significantly falters. With a motor running at only 350 watts, it’s fine for the casual juice drinker who might want to make a glass of OJ from peeled oranges from time to time. For more rougher and difficult-to-process produce, this significantly slow speed can result in a high pulp-to-juice ratio and lots of foam when it’s done processing. This item is for the less serious and beginning juicers, but not recommended for that kale, walnut and carrot smoothie.

Super Angel Deluxe
This is probably the most high-end juicer available on the market. At 82 RPMs, it is slower than some on this list, but it also has a 3 Horsepower twin-grinding force system to even be able to process nuts to make nut butter with. The slow speed and extra horsepower combine to create probably the best processing rate among all juicers and an extremely low juice-to-pulp ratio. It also come with a soft fruit extracting housing, so the softer produce you process isn’t left in your juice.

Breville 800 JEXL
With a 1000 watt motor and both high and low speeds (13,000 RPMs and 6500 RPMs respectively), the Breville is easily one of the fastest juicers you can buy with an impeller mechanism that squeezes the most juice from the pulp. This results in a high juice yield (because of the low pulp-to-juice ratio the fast motor and impeller mechanism produce) and is flexible in the types of produce it can process. With a large feed tube, there is little need to cut or pre-chop the produce you want to juice and it does so very efficiently.

Cuisinart CJE-1000
While just as fast as other juicers on this list, the Cuisinary CJE-1000 differs in that it has 5 speeds. It has a slightly lower juice yield than the Breville and Super Angel, but still has a comparable pulp-to-juice ratio and a large feed tube to accommodate bigger pieces of produce. It also has an anti-froth ring to prevent excessive foam being made when using this juicer. This being a centrifugal juicer rather than a masticating juicer like the Omega and others, you sacrifice some amount of juice-yield for ease of use and convenience.


Omega J8007 Nutrition Center
This is the only area that the Omega is lacking, as it come with few additional features. It does come with 6 nozzles and a juicing screen with a 15 year warranty. It also comes with low foaming and quiet operation and comes in matte silver. It also is easier to clean than most masticating juicers and the removable plastic and metal parts are dishwasher safe.

Hamilton beach 67800H Juicer
For a dirt cheap juicer, the 67800 does come with considerable features despite its small size. It has a large, easy-to-remove pulp bin, durable stainless steel cutter/strainer and safety latches. It also comes with 25 food and drink recipes included. It also comes in white with a clear top hatch. The metal strainer is, however, difficult to clean.

Super Angel Deluxe juicer
This is regarded as the fancy one for good reason. The myriad number of features the Super Angel comes with can be dizzying. The Super Angel comes with an Anti-jamming system , an automatic reverse function when jamming, an automatic cooling system , an automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor, and a newly-designed main control board. Plus, it includes a free juice recipe book, a free Pyrex jar for juice collecting, all stainless steel construction, super quiet operation, 6 safety devices with electromagnetic wave protection, an automatic reverse system, a soft fruit attachment and even artificial intelligence ability. The Deluxe model also comes with a splash guard, a silicone O-Ring plus 2 extra, a cleaning brush, a scrubbing bristle, a screen scraper, a standard wooden pusher, and a wooden pusher with silicone seal (for soft fruit juicing).

Breville 800 JEXL juicer
The Breville is also no slouch when it comes to additional features. It comes with a die-cast steel housing, a stainless-steel micro-mesh filter, a titanium-plated cutting disk, a circular 3-inch feed tube that accommodates whole fruits and vegetables, a pulp container, a juicing pitcher, its own manual/recipe book and dishwasher-safe parts. The locking arm bolts move up to 1/4 in all directions to ensure a secure fit for the locking arm. This points to a competitive juicing product to make consumers pause when choosing the right one.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 juicer
Finally, Cuisinart’s entry in the juicer market comes with just as many bells and whistles at the more high end juicers. Included with the base unit is a 2-liter pulp container, a 1-quart juice pitcher, and a cleaning brush. The unit itself has a control dial with blue LED light ring, an anti-drip adjustable flow spout, an easy unlock and lift system, a foam-reducing filter basket, die-cast and stainless-steel housing and its parts are dishwasher-safe.

Overall Design

Omega J8007
Being a masticating juicer rather than a centrifugal type, the Omega J8007 is slower but has a higher juice yield than its centrifugal counterparts. This also prevents oxidization of your juice, making it last longer. In addition to its motor design, its also smaller than most juicers and is easier to store and keep on your counter in comparison to bigger and bulkier models like the Super Angel.

Hamilton Beach 67800H
This is a bit more cheaply produce than the other units on this list, but it still manages to compete with them nonetheless. It does utilize a centrifugal juicer rather than a masticating one, which coupled with its low motor speed most likely contributes to its mixed juicing results. Where its design shines is in it’s ergonomic construction and light weight, which also results in significant ease of use.

Super Angel Deluxe
This model is a solid chrome beast. Even though it’s a slow juicer, it’s masticating design along with the additional horsepower make it a class all onto its own. The downside of such a formidable juicer is that it is bulky. It should take up lots of shelf space on your kitchen counter, so make sure you have room for it in your kitchen.

Breville 800 JEXL
Another masticating juicer, this is is the fastest one on this list. The five-speed controls mean that you can regulate the thickness and density of the kind of juice you can produce. It’s stainless brushed steel design is quite stylish and its upright construction makes it much easier to store than a behemoth like the Super Angel. And its easy-to-operate controls mean that almost anyone in your household can make their own juice unsupervised.

Cuisinart CJE-1000
This model is probably the most convoluted of the bunch, with a construction design that employs multiple housings for both the juice pitcher and the pulp container attached to the main motor housing. It may be a centrifugal juicer, but it’s one of the fastest on the market. This means that if you choose this design the impact on the quality of juice you can produce is only a small step down from the masticating monsters listed above. With plastic and stainless steel housing, it’s stylish enough for most kitchens and is best left on the shelf rather than you trying to find space for it in your storage cabinets.

Affordability and Price

Omega J8007 Nutrition center
The Omega has a suggested retail price on Amazon for around under $300 dollars. You can find used and refurbished models on Amazon that can dip below $250, but their stock of these doesn’t last very long.

Hamilton beach 67800H Juicer
Considering the mixed quality of the type of juice this model can make, it’s no surprise that the 6700H is the cheapest juicer on this list. And this is an understatement when you compare its price to the others. At around $ 40 dollars, you can even find used and refurbished models on Amazon for around $25 dollars.

Super Angel Deluxe juicer
You had to know this chrome monster wouldn’t come cheap, but even this acknowledgment might not prepare you for the bank-breaking cost of the Super Angel. At around $1,500 from the manufacturer themselves, models on can even exceed this price. Good luck finding used and refurbished models here as well, since there are currently none available on Amazon.

Breville 800 JEXL juicer
The cost of the Breville is not as heart-stopping as the Super Angel, but it’s still worth a pretty penny. Also south of $300 dollars, you can find used and refurbished models from Amazon for around $170 dollars. Those looking for a mix of affordability and quality should probably consider this unit first.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 juicer
This is most likely the most expensive centrifugal juicer on this list, but it still is pretty affordable in comparison. Starting at around $ 130 dollars, used and refurbished models from Amazon can be purchased for under $99 dollars. If you want a quality centrifugal model, this is the one to get.

Which Juicer Gives You The Best for Your Buck

All these considerations should make you decide which is more important for you: price or quality. If you are just starting on a juice diet and want to begin with easy-to-make fruit juices that won’t require lightening-fast motor speeds, then options like the Super Angel and the Omega are probably overkill. They are too expensive for beginner and you don’t really need that much processing power. In this case, the Hamilton Beach 67800H is your best bet. It’s dirt cheap, and (as long as you don’t overextend it in its use and try to process rougher produce that requires more power) it should do the job just fine.

Best of all, buying such a cheap juicer for your first time is additionally advantageous because first-time juice makers almost always push their first juice processor far past its power capabilities. When it breaks, and it invariably will if you aren’t careful, at least you spent a small amount of money to become used to juicing your own fruits and vegetable. You won’t have to spend too much money to replace it (if you don’t want to buy a better quality model when you’ve finished with this one).

Which Juicer is the Best of the Best

Then there are those for whom paying top dollar for top quality is not a deterrent. In this case, you will most likely prefer a more expensive masticating juicer. This design results in dryer pulp and a lower pulp-to-juice ratio, translating to a higher juice yield. Of all the masticating juicers on this list, the chrome beast is the most obvious gold medal winner. The Super Angel is not only capable of producing the highest quality juice on the market, it also comes with a whole slew of peripherals and additional features, much more so than any others on this list.

The only drawback to buying the best juicer on the market (beside a lack of affordability) is storage space. If you have enough countertop space in your kitchen and have over $1500 dollars, then you should definitely buy the Super Angel. But be aware you might have to use it in another room besides your kitchen like the dining room or breakfast nook if you don’t have enough space for it. But this is mostly likely a small price to pay for being able to make the best, freshest professional-quality fruit and vegetable juice in your own home. There really is no other comparable model in terms of high-end quality as far as we know like the Super Angel Deluxe.